Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two Questions

Welcome to the new American Dal. "New" because it started out as a graduate school project about my attempts at cooking Indian food. Now that graduate school is over for me, I'm taking this blog in a new direction.

It starts with two questions: 

1.) Can I alleviate some of my Fibromyalgia symptoms through diet?
2.) Can I do so without sacrificing flavor?

I'm a foodie. I love cooking, I love eating. I love reading about food, perusing cookbooks, and trying new restaurants. So writing about food is a no-brainer!

Only, I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, which basically sucks a lot of energy out of me so I can't experiment in the kitchen as much as I used to.

So, when I watched a documentary about the link between a plant-based diet and overall health, I started thinking. I've wanted to go vegetarian for a while, but my carnivorous roots are so deep that I haven't stuck with it long. Not to mention that my husband loves meat more than I do. But I have been making changes to our diet, preparing meatless meals more often and introducing different veggies.

After my husband watched Forks Over Knives with me, he was more willing to go vegetarian with me. Having his support helps. There havent' been as many of the "but there's no meat in this" comments. And as long as the food doesn't taste like cardboard, we're both likely to stick to the plan.

That's the second question to the challenge. Can I eat healthy without sacrificing taste? That's the fun part. Trying new recipes and ingredients, experimenting. And that's what I hope to share here. Along with links to other blogs that I find helpful.

Let's go!